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Mirai payment system integration

Integration with MIRAI in Leon

Payment system MiraiPay is a part of one-click private jet booking service 'Mirai Flights' focused on instant pricing to the clients. With the help of the MiraiPay service, you can provide your customers with the opportunity to pay for charter flights with several cryptocurrencies.

How to integrate

In order to integrate with MiraiPay you need to fill up the “Configuration” or contact the Mirai Flights support at and request API Token details. Once you have it, switch the status to ON, insert provided integration details and save changes. Once saved, you can start the transaction operations in cryptocurrencies.

How it works

1. Set a payment link in the 'SALES' module. On the quote's edition page, click the button INVOICE and switch to BTC.

Then click the blue button to create the order & payment in 'MIRAI'.

2. Customers pay the orders in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

3. The settlement airline company payments are made in EUR.

4. The transaction amount could be up to 300,000 EUR - lack of chargebacks.

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