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L3Harris provides flight data analysis incorporating Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA).

Leon sends past flights' Journey Log data to L3Harris as Flight Records, thus entering the data manually in L3Harris is not required.

Flight Records sent to L3Harris can be related to flight data manually downloaded from the flight data recorder and uploaded to L3Harris.

Leon will also send Journey Log's data if it was changed after the initial sending, but not for Journey Log older than 3 months.

To enable this integration, a login & password need to be inserted in the Admin panel, section Add-Ons.

In the Report Wizard (scope 'FLIGHT'), there is a dedicated column 'L3Harris status' showing the status of the data sent to L3Harris:

  • Inserted - if data sent for the first time.
  • Waiting for resubmission - if JL was changed after the initial sending.
  • Updated - if JL data sent again after the change.
  • Not inserted - if JL data not sent at all.

In the Report Wizard's filter it is possible to filter by the status - it is possible to select multiple statuses.

The data is being sent from Leon to L3Harris every 60 minutes.

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