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Next maintenance due

Next maintenance due limits

In the Limits subsection, it is possible to insert the limits for the next maintenance.

This subsection contains 3 fields:

  • TAH - TAH limit of the next required maintenance
  • TAC - TAC limit of the next required maintenance
  • Date - date of the next required maintenance

Based on the values inserted in the abovementioned fields, Leon will check planned and performed flights against the limits, as per below:

  • if all fields are empty, the limits aren't changed
  • if the 'Date' field is empty, Leon will assume January 2032 as the due date
  • if the 'TAH' or/and 'TAC' fields are filled in, the limits are included in the next maintenance due check for CAMO Limits in OPS (regardless of the date being selected or left empty):

In addition, the 'Next maintenance due' limits will overwrite 'Schedule Maintenance' limits for the aircraft in the CAMO Limits in OPS if the 'Next maintenance due' limits are lower than the limits inserted in 'Scheduled Maintenance'.

Limits in Scheduled MX


Based on the first screen, the date of the limits is set to 01-12-2022 with the TAH value set to 4835:00 and the TAC value set to 2343.

The scheduled maintenance is planned for 29-11-2022 with the higher limits of TAH value set to 4850:00 and TAC value set to 2350.

Calculated TAH/TAC limits on 24-11-2022 are as per below:

When adding the flight on 24-11-2022 and considering the dates and limits set in the Fleet and Scheduled Maintenance, Leon will generate the CAMO warning, in this case, based on the limits from the CAM tab in the MX > Fleet section:

The calculations are based on more restrictive limits from 29-11-2022, as per below:

  • TAH - 4875:27 - 40:27 = 4835:00
  • TAC - 2346 - 3 = 2343

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