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'Country Database' - 'MISC/OTHER' tab

An option to indicate a 'Foreign AOC' country will be introduced.

The Foreign AOC required checkbox will be available in the 'Country Database' section in the 'MISC/OTHER' tab.

It should be marked if the country that requires the Foreign AOC (FAOC) should trigger the 'Foreign AOC' element of the 'OPS checklist' the OPS section.

Usage of FAOC

The usage of the 'Foreign AOC' functionality is as follows:

  • Indicate the countries for which the FAOC is required in the 'Country Database' - 'MISC/OTHER' tab

  • Indicate the FAOC required countries per aircraft in the OPS tab of the aircraft profile

Once the abovementioned is set up, any flight that is scheduled to the airport (ADES) in the country listed in the aircraft profile triggers the 'Foreign AOC' element in the OPS Checklist.

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