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Boarding passengers from Leon crew mobile app is now possible.

Once passengers have been added to the trip, it is possible to mark whether they have been boarded, or not. The condition which has to be met is switching in 'Privileges' panel (for a selected group of users, i.e. crew), an item boarding privilege.png to EDIT.

To start PAX boarding, select a flight in the crew app and in a tab PAX of the crew app, click start button.png button, then Leon will show options YES and NO next to each passenger.

buttons yes no.png

Before PAX are boarded, in a section OPS (tab 'PAX'), Leon shows grey dots by each passenger.

grey pax in ops.png

Also, button start button.png turns to grey button.png

Marking either 'YES' or 'NO' results in those grey dots turning either green (for boarded PAX), or red (for unboarded PAX).

pax boarded in app.png strzałka.jpg pax boarded in ops.png

It also results in the button grey button.png turning to complete button.png

This is the first stage of the PAX boarding functionality - it will be gradually improved and more options will be introduced in the future
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