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Microsoft single sign-on (SSO)

It is possible now to log in to Leon using your Microsoft credentials by configuring the 'Microsoft single sign-on (SSO)' feature.

Setting up Leon for enabling SSO

Microsoft SSO in Login page

The configuration panel can be accessed in the 'General Settings' of the admin panel under the 'Security' tab.

It contains the following options:

  • Enable SSO - In order to enable SSO the box must be checked.
  • Operator domain - Enter your company's Microsoft-registered domain here. Only accounts in that domain will be allowed to sign in to Leon.
  • Disable login and password access - If you check this checkbox, you will only be able to log in using Microsoft SSO credentials, and logging in with Leon's credentials will not be possible.
  • Provider - Choose Microsoft as a provider.

Once it is configured, Users will be able to log in using the Microsoft account instead of Leon-generated login and password, as per the screenshot on the right-hand side.

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