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Weekly rest in My Schedule

'Weekly rest' in My Schedule view

'Weekly Rest' for this purpose is considered as 36h free of duties including two local nights in 168h period.

'Weekly Rest' in 'My Schedule' view indicates where the weekly rest actually takes place.

'Weekly rest' is marked with the light-blue colour and is applied only after a flight, positioning, Simulator or any other duty included by definition in the FTL calculations.

The presentation is as follow:

  • right half of the tile - half of the day when the weekly rest begins
  • full tile - full day included in weekly rest
  • left half of the tile - half of the day when the weekly rest ends

Weekly Rest.png

Clicking on the tile will show the details of the duty as well as the information that the 'WEEKLY REST' applied.

The indication of weekly rest applies only to the logged-in User.

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