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Automatic deletion of passenger data

It will be possible to set up Leon to automatically remove passenger details from the system if they are not assigned to flights within a specified timeframe. By default, this function will be turned off for all operators.

Setting up Leon for automatic deletion

The configuration panel can be accessed in the 'General Settings' of the admin panel under the 'Phonebook' tab.

'Automatically delete PAX…' setting
  • Delete PAX enabled - option to enable automatic deletion.
  • Send notification 7 days before deletion to: - specify an email address where a notification containing passenger names scheduled for deletion will be sent seven days before the deletion date. This field is mandatory if the 'Delete PAX enabled' checkbox is selected.
  • Delete PAX after - a field where it will be possible to indicate the number of days (by entering a numerical value) after which PAX data will be deleted if PAX is not assigned to the flight within the specified timeframe. The minimum threshold for deleting PAX is 30 days.
Please use this function with extreme caution, as the deleted data cannot be recovered!
'Never delete automatically' option

Additionally, it will be possible to specify passengers that are never to be deleted.

The option Never delete automatically will be available in the PAX profile in the 'Phonebook'. Go to the 'Misc' tab, and tick the 'Never delete automatically' checkbox.

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