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SIFL Report

Leon will share with all operators a new report: The Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL). The report will be available on the main Report Wizard page, in a section 'Reports shared by Leon'.

Report SIFL - setting up calculation

The report is used to calculate the taxable benefit of personal use of company aircraft by an employee.

To make this report show data, when adding PAX to the flight, mark whether SIFL should be calculated by marking a checkbox in PAX details (in a tab PAX of the OPS panel). Also, make sure that the Host is selected in the same window (see screenshot on the right).

In the PAX profile, tab 'Details', you can select the SIFL employee status: control or non-control.

The formula used in this report is as below:

SIFL = [(Mile $ x (Aircraft Multiplier) = Terminal Charge] x PAX number

SIFL rates are:

0-500 miles > 0.2654 $ 501-1500 miles > 0.2024 $ over 1500 miles > 0.1946 $ Terminal charge > 48.53 $

SIFL report example

The screenshot on the right shows an example of SIFL report.

The upper part shows PAX information: date of the trip, PAX names (incl. host), Flight time, miles and the cost.

The lower part shows the aircraft multiples and the rates.

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