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CQL (Checklist Query Language)

CQL is a simple but very expressive language for defining conditions that determine when particular checklist items are to be applied. It allows the translation of the operator's internal knowledge and operational needs into simple rules by specifying all actions needed to be done before a flight with certain attributes.

You can learn more about the idea of CQL from the interview published on our blog in January. You can find it here.

With the release of Leon 141, each customer will be able to define such conditions on their own in Settings → Checklist Configuration.

CQL in Checklist Configuration settings

CQL condition edit pop-up window

The 'CQL' column will show the current status of the conditions for adding the items to the checklist automatically. There are three possibilities:

  • Disabled - the item is disabled and will not be automatically added to the checklist in any case
  • Default - the item is enabled and the default condition for adding the item to the checklist automatically is set
  • Custom - the item is enabled and the custom condition for adding the item to the checklist automatically is set

By clicking the field in the column, you will get an 'Edit CQL' window, in which you can:

  • Edit the condition - if the condition is met and the item is enabled ('Auto add to leg' is ticked), the item will be added to the checklist automatically. Otherwise, it will not be added automatically but can be added manually
  • See the default condition - to compare with the custom one, or restore it
  • Get access to CQL documentation, which describes the operators, fields and values which can be used to define the condition
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