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How to contact support

Constant upgrading requires a fast and well-organised work of support team. That's why we can introduce the Customer Support portal, a highly efficient way to contact our support team and organise your cases in one place.

Stop searching for your email correspondence when you can log into the customer portal and ask the support team directly and provide them with all the important attachments.

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Some of the features in the software can provide you with additional security, for example, trusted IP function that lets you define more trusted places like your office.

BOUT LEON Leon is cloud-based scheduling software for managing aviation workflows, keeping track of all schedule & crew changes and acting as a central source of various information within your company.

It delivers a web-based, flexible solution. Sales, Crew, OPS, and Maintenance departments can find useful tools in one place. Aircraft Scheduling for Corporate Flight Departments & Management Companies.

Disclaimer: Please note some details in this video may differ from the actual application view. This is due to constant software development. This video will be updated if any major changes are made to its content.

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