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Adding ratings to crew means making them avaiable on the list to choose from when adding a new flight. If you give a rating CPT to a pilot, then when you click on CPT field in Edit Flight screen you will be able to select him for that position.

Crew ratings page

In Crew Ratings screen you can see all crew members with previously added ratings sorted alphabetically. In the filter you can select aircraft type, function type or a person (to see only his ratings).

In order to assign a crew member to a flight you need to specify what his position is on a particular aircraft type (CPT, FO, FA, etc.). It is very important, because when adding crew to the flight, a crew member without ratings assigned will not appear in the crew suggestion drop-down list in the edit flight screen.

Adding ratings

Adding ratings to crew

Go to Crew > Ratings, select the name from the list of cre members or find the person in the filter and click their name (in blue). Select the aircraft type and tick ratings from the list, then click 'Update'.

If you want to add a function that is not on the list, go to Admin > Functions and follow steps described in the chapter Functions.

Once ratings have been added, you can specify if a particular crew member is experienced on the assigned position or not by ticking the box Experienced. It is up to the Operator what criteria are applied to mark the crew member as experienced.

experienced crew.png

Leon will highlight crew in red in Flights List section if two unexperienced pilots are assigned on the same flight. When clicking on the highlighted crew you will find warning:

Both CPT & FO are not experienced on G450. You can change their experience in Crew > Ratings page.

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