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Home Base Handling Request

Home base handling request - the main page

If there are airports to/from which you fly several times a day and at those airports you use the same handling agent, you can send them a file with all scheduled flights to/from that airport, on a particular day. It is a simple tool, which can be used in situations where you can send a file along with the description as to what handling services are needed for all those flights.

Home base handling request - pdf file

Once flights have been added to Leon, go to section OPS > Home Base Handling Request and in the filter select the date, one or two airports of service and aircraft type/registration.

On the screen you will see all added flights to/from the selected airport with details such as:

  • aircraft registration
  • date
  • arrival - from which airport and at what time
  • airport service - selected airport in the filter
  • departure - at what time and to which airport
  • number of pax

All this data can be viewed in PDF file and eventually sent out to the handling agent (see screenshot on the right),

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