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Weight and Balance module

After activating the Weight & Balance module, it is possible to prepare a weight and balance sheet for a flight, using the form in the W&B tab on the flight in OPS.

Example of a W&B sheet (PDF) prepared in Leon


The form is split into sections, in which you can edit the weight of each station taken into account during the W&B calculations:

  • Configuration - allows selecting aircraft configuration other than the default (if available)
  • MTOW - shows aircraft's MTOW
  • Crew & Pantry - the place where you can edit weights for crew & pantry stations
  • Passengers - in this section, you can edit PAX weights on the flight
  • Baggage - the weight of the luggage (and/or cargo, mail, etc.) on the flight
  • Fuel - the weight of fuel planned as a block, taxi and trip fuel

Calculation result

W&B calculation result - all weights and CG are within the limits

This section shows the result of W&B calculations - the position of the CG and aircraft weights versus structural limits.

For each structural weight limit, the difference between the structural limit and the actual weight will be shown. Weights within the structural limits and with CG within the envelope are green, while weights beyond structural limits or with CG beyond the envelope are red. There is also a green tick or a red triangle to indicate if the W&B results are correct.

Next to the Result section, there is a 'Preview' button, which opens a PDF file with a W&B sheet.

Activating W&B module

Weight & Balance functionality is optional and involves an additional charge per tail. Some aircraft types are not supported.

In order to set up Weight and Balance for an aircraft, contact us via Customer Portal, letting us know the details or sending us the documents containing them, as follows:

  1. Aircraft type
  2. Aircraft registration
  3. Aircraft S/N
  4. CG envelope geometry (CG limitations)
  5. Aircraft configuration (an arm of each station of the aircraft)
  6. Maximum and default weights for each station
  7. Position of the CG depending on the weight of the fuel on board
  8. Actual and up-to-date basic empty weight and moment (or weight and arm) - aeroplane weighing form

It is recommended to provide:

  1. Aircraft operating manual - chapter 'Weight and Balance'
  2. Aircraft operating manual - chapter 'Limitations'
  3. Aircraft Weight and Balance Manual
  4. The most recent aeroplane weighing form
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