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'Due date' functionality

'Due date' in the Contact email

It is possible to set up a due date and time when creating a non-confirmed trip (an 'Option').

The Option can be created in 2 ways:

  • by selecting the 'OPTION' status in the request edit and booking the option, or
  • by selecting the 'CONTRACT' status and ticking the 'Create non confirmed trip in ops module' checkbox when sending the contract. Checkbox availability subject to the Sales Module settings

Both 'OPTION' and 'CONTRACT' windows have the 'Due date time' options available.

Once the email is sent and the date and time are selected, it gives the indication of by when the Client should reply. If there is no reply, both the request, as well as the booked option, are cancelled.


The email is sent with the date as per the screenshot on the right.

If the trip is not booked by the date and time the following happens:

1. Quote status changes from 'Option' to 'Canceled'

2. The notion booked in OPS is also deleted

Additionally, the relevant columns in the Report Wizard, scope 'Quote', display the status as 'CANCELED' and Cancelled by: Buyer.

Default due time for optional trips [hhh:mm]

Indication of a due date when creating a non-confirmed trip

It is possible to set up the due date by default. The default setting is available in the 'Sales Module' in 'General settings' section.

The Default due time for optional trips [hhh:mm] allows setting the due time and date for when the non-confirmed trip should be automatically cancelled if the response is not received from the buyer.

The format of the default due date is set to hhh:mm. This allows calculating the correct due time and date based on the time when the non-confirmed trip is being created.


The due time is set to 48:10, as per the below screenshot:

When creating the non-confirmed trip (either via the 'OPTION' or the 'CONTRACT' status) on the 28th of June at 08:12LT, the due date will automatically be set to the 30th of June at 08:22LT (as per the screenshot on the right).

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