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Accepting/Rejecting quotes in Avinode as a Seller

Seller response in Avinode reflected in Leon

Seller responses marked in Avinode will be reflected in Leon.

This option has to be activated by marking the Update requests and quotes from Avinode setting in the 'Add-ons' > Avinode configuration section.

This checkbox enables automatic request status updates when accepting/declining quotes in Avinode (as a Seller).

Once the response is marked in Avinode, the status is reflected:

  • In the main status of the request - if at least one quote from the request is accepted, the main status is set to 'Accepted' and the request status will change to 'QUOTED'. If all the quotes within the request are rejected
  • In the 'SUMMARY' tab of the request - there, status of each quote is displayed individually

An example of the latter is presented on the right-hand side.

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