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New Subcharter Quote

We have implemented changes to how the subcharter requests are being added.

Adding new subcharter request

'Subcharter' requests can be added in two ways:

  • New subcharter request - added using 'NEW QUOTE' button on the main 'Requests/Quotes' view. In this case, the aircraft is not selected in the 'New quote' window and the subcharter quote is created using either of two options (screen on the right):
    • 'CREATE A SUBCHARTER QUOTE' - created directly in Leon, subcharter details known at this stage
    • 'FIND SUBCHARTER/COMPARE PRICE' - requesting subcharter from Avinode marketplace
  • Subcharter in existing request - quote on a subcharter added to an existing request (screen below):
    • Click on a + next to the last aircraft tab
    • Select the 'Subcharter' option to add a quote on a subcharter

The rest of the process remains unchanged.

It will no longer be possible to change the quote from standard aircraft to Subcharter and vice versa by changing the aircraft in the 'Aircraft' dropdown.

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