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Creating new filter preset

It is possible to create filter presets both in the CREW CALENDAR as well as in the CREW TIMELINE.

Filter presets are filtering templates, in the 'FILTER' in the Crew 'Calendar' and 'Timeline' views.

The filter presets allow quick and easy changes to the set of filtering options depending on the requirements.

In order to create a preset the following actions need to be performed:

  1. select a set of filters within the 'FILTER' pop-up
  2. click on the 'SAVE AS' button located in the bottom-right corner of the 'FILTER'
  3. name the preset
  4. optionally, it is possible to set the preset as a global one by selecting the Share with other users option. Otherwise, the presets are considered to be private
  5. press the CREATE button to save the preset

Once the preset is saved it is available in the Select preset dropdown in the 'FILTER'.

It is possible to delete the preset by clicking on the bin icon available upon hovering the mouse over the preset.

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