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Crew Panel (TIMELINE)

The new Crew Panel has been implemented for fast, legible and intuitive reading & editing of the roster. It displays all the data you need for the perfect planning of duties for the crew.

To access a new duties roster hover the mouse over a section CREW and click CREW PANEL.


The Legend, which explains what particular icons or indications mean, can be found by clicking the icon

  • Flights

Flights added in a section OPS appear in Crew Panel as a blue belt. The line starts with the reporting time, then there is a belt (which lenght means flight's duration), then the line showing the lenght of the minimum rest.

If you click the blue belt at the bottom belt Leon will show flight's details, such as: schedule, airports codes & names, trip no, crew, quotation, who created the trip and when, tags.

If there is FTL violation Leon shows the line in red - click on the flight to get an information at the bottom with FDP & Duty details.

  • Simulators

When the Crew is assigned to the Simulator flight in section OPS, this 'Simulator' will appear in 'Crew' part of the 'Crew Panel'.

The Simulator will display as a purple belt and will indicate the length of the duty as well as the line suggesting the EOBT.

Clicking on the purple belt will display the simulator details in the bottom section.

  • Positionings

All positionings added in a section OPS show in a similar way to flights. The belt shows the positioning's duration, then the line shows the lenght of the minimum rest.

  • FTL Duties

Duties pre-defined in a section Duties Setup as Included in FTL calculations show as colour belts, which lenght means the duration of a particular duty time.

  • Non-FTL Duties

All duties pre-defined as Off show as belts throughout the entire day.


If split duty is used to extend the maximum Flight Duty Period (FDP), Leon will indicate such break with a yellow rest bar between the two sectors of the trip.

As you can see in the example below, the break between the two sectors are marked yellow to indicate where it was applied. The split duty margins will remain black/red along with the remaining part of the rest bar after the last sector.


Person and Aircraft filtering options
Other filtering options

The filter in the 'Crew Panel' section is located in the top bar and it is divided into 3 sections:

  • Filter - you can filter duties by using 2 available options:
  1. Crew members - insert crew code and click the 'Search' button - Leon will show only that person's duties. It is also possible to filter by multiple crew members. Simply choose the crew from the Crew Member search box and once you have the list of crew click 'SEARCH' button.
  2. Crew labels - click on the field and Leon will show all crew labels defined in a section Phonebook > Labels (then assigned in crew profiles).
  • Aircraft - you can filter the page by the aircraft type or a tail registration. This includes 'Virtual Aircraft'
  • Show - located in the top-right corner of the 'Crew Panel' and devided into the folloting sections:
  1. Show - to display scheduled Maintenance and Options in the 'Flights' section and also Requests in 'Crew' section
  2. Position type - mark/unmark checkboxes: Cockpit, Cabin, Maintenance, Ground & Positioning.
  3. Show active aircraft only - switching to 'YES' will display only active aircraft in the 'Flights' section
  4. Layout - to display 'Crew' section only, or on both: 'Flights & Crew'
  5. Dim ferry legs - making ferry legs dimmed
  6. Preferred airport code - selecting between ICAO/IATA airport codes
  7. Sort by - display the list of crew in order: Rating (CPT, FO, FA), Known as or Code (alphabetically)
  8. Show currency dots - enable crew currency dot isplayed next to crew code

On the options-bar, right between 'TO' date-range and 'NOW' button, you can find a drop-down box where you can select preferred timezone (UTC or Base time - the Base defined in General Settings).

Adding/Editing Crew

Option to add and edit Crew

It is possible to add new Crewmembers or edit existing Crewmembers directly from the “Crew Panel”.

In order to do that you simply need to:

  1. Right-click of the mouse on the Crew code
  2. Choose the relevant option from the dropdown menu
  3. Adding/editing window will pop up and you will be able to perform the actions
  4. Press “SAVE” button to update changes

Assigning crew to flights

Assigning crew

To assign crew to a flight you need to:

  1. Choose a flight and click a key 'A' on the keyboard, or right-click the mouse to open a selection menu. Here you can choose more than one flight by holding 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and clicking on the flights to which you would like to assign the crew
  2. Choose 'Assign Crew' option.'ASSIGN CREW' pop up window will open. It is divided into 4 tabs: COCKPIT, CABIN, MAINTENANCE and OTHER
  3. Click on the crew you would like to assign. The crew listed are the ones available in the base, the default base will reflect the airport of departure of that particular flight, if there are no crew based in that airport All bases will appear. The list of bases is sorted based on the number of crew placed in each base with the largest on top. Only the crew with ratings for the chosen aircraft will appear. Each crew will also display the accumulated month/year block time. If a particular crew member has more than one rating and is assigned - the code is circled , the same crew code on another rating inactive - you will not be able to click on the code. If you wish to assign the crew on non-default positions you need to click on '…show all positions' option and the list of other available positions will open
  4. Once you have assigned the set of crew, click save

Before you assign Crew, Leon will indicate:

- crew already assigned to this flight

- crew assigned to OFF duty. this crew will show at the end of the list of available crew in 'ASSIGN CREW' window

- crew not available - already assigned to another flight in the same period of time. this crew will show at the end of the list in 'ASSIGN CREW' window

If there is a large number of crew within one tab, Leon will display '…show more' option that allows uploading the remaining crewmembers.

Leon remembers the last tab that was opened upon following reopening it, even on a different flight. If the last tab opened was 'OTHER', Leon will revert to the previous tab, either 'COCKPIT' or 'CABIN', that was used before the tab 'OTHER'

When assigning crew to the flights, Leon recalculates the FTL's.

If a particular crew member has defined a restriction list in his profile (the list of crew he should not fly with) and is assigned with someone from the list, Leon will show a caution: “Crew member is being assigned with another crew member from a restricted list.”
Crew information
Example of 'Time collision' warning

Leon also will suggest FTL calculations by highlighting the crew tile with the following colours:

- FTL within limits and Crew Currency valid

- rest before the flight violation, not enough rest to perform this flight or series of flights

- FDP violation on the flight or Crew Currency expired

Leon displays block times within the crew tile, the top figure being monthly block time and the bottom figure being the yearly block time.

Double-click on a flight will display Crew assigned to this particular sector along with the phone number & email address.

The colour-code in the flights-part of the Crew Panel are as follow:

- flight fully assigned

- flight ferry fully assigned

- flight partially assigned

- flight without crew assigned

It is also possible to assign Crew to Option flights. The colour-coding is a per below:

- option fully assigned

- ferry option fully assigned

- option partially assigned

- option without crew assigned

'Discontinuity' and 'Time collision' warnings

Leon will now display 2 types of warnings in the assign crew pop-up window:

  • Discontinuity detected - if you try to assign a crew member to 2 flights with the airport discontinuity between the sectors. This is to suggest that the positioning needs to be added
  • Time collision detected - if you try to assign a Crew member to 2 flights that are overlapping each other

You can also change the crew on a flight or a number of flights. To do so, you need to follow the steps from assigning crew section.

If a duty is not included in the FTL calculations (checkbox 'AOC' not ticked in 'Crew Duties Setup') Leon will not include such a duty in discontinuity calculations.

Apart from flights, Crew Panel also shows Reservations - this can be activated by going to the SHOW section under the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the page.

Copying crew between the flights

Copy crew option

If you wish to assign the same crew to the next sector or series of sectors, it is possible to copy the crew by left clicking on the flight from which the crew should be copied. Then select Copy Crew or use shortcut C and select the next sector/sectors to which the crew should be copied and select Paste Crew or use shortcut V.

In order to copy crew to more than one sector it is necessary to hold Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the sectors to which the crew should be copied.

Once this is done the Assign flight crew pop-up window will appear with the entire crew already selected. At this point it is possible to deselect some of the crew members.

It is impossible to copy crew to two different aircraft types, Leon will flash a red warning “Cannot paste to flights with different aircraft types”.

Deleting the crew from flights

Deleting Crew from a flight

It is possible to delete the crew from the flights section or the crew section of the Crew Panel.

To delete crew you need to:

  1. Choose a flight or number of flights and right-click the mouse to open a selection menu.
  2. Choose 'Delete Crew' option.
  3. You will be asked to confirm.
  4. Pressing 'YES' to delete or 'NO' to discard.
Deleting crew from the flights section (top part) of the screen will remove the whole set of crew assigned to a flight or series of flights. Deleting crew from the crew section (bottom part) of the screen will remove a particular crew member from the selected flight or series of flights.

Useful options

Move up function

'Move up' function

This functionality allows you to move a selected Crew member to the top of the Crew List. To use this function you need to click on the crew member and select 'MOVE UP' option, as per screenshot. It is possible to move up a number of crew members, one at a time. The Crew members will then display by the selection order in which they were moved.

Crew search

In the filter > field 'Crew member' type crew name/surname or code and select him from the list. You can add more name to the searching list. You can also use quick search option by clicking on a key 'F' on your keyboard, type in the Crew member in the 'Crew member search' pop-up window and press enter. Leon will only display this particular Crew member.

To bring back view for all the crew you need to either remove the Crew from the 'Crewm Member search' in the filter or simply 'Reset' the filter.

Virtual Aircraft

Assigning Crew to Virtual Aircraft

It is now possible to see and service 'Virtual Aircraft' in the Crew Panel.

'Virtual Aircraft' will be displayed at the bottom of the list in the 'Flights' section of Crew Panel. It will also be available in the 'AIRCRAFT' filter.

Crewing options available to the 'Virtual Aircraft' are exactly the same as for standard fleet and include assigning crew, deleting crew, copying crew, etc.

Flights assigned to 'Virtual Aircraft' are displayed in light grey (for ferry flights) and in dark grey (for flights with PAX). This is caused by the lack of indication of minimum crew required on such an aircraft.

Duty info

It is possible to view duty information in 2 ways:

  • One click on the duty - this will display the duty information at the bottom of the Crew Panel Page.
  • Right-click - this will open a pop-up window with the full duty information including the duty type and who created the duty and when (date & time).

Using keys

For quick using of some options in Crew Panel you can use particular keys on the keyboard. Select the flight and use keys as follow:

  • A - shows crew available for flight assignement.
  • S - shows already assigned crew on top of the crew list.
  • D - shows assigned crew details (position, code, name/surname, phone number & email address) along with the basic trip information.
  • F - shows 'Crew member search' pop-up window where you can type crew name or a code and view only his/her duties.

FTL Details

FTL Details in Crew Panel

To check FTL Details on a particular flight either double-click on the flight (in the Crew part of the screen), or right-click with the mouse and select FTL Details - Leon will show a pop-up window which is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Duty & FDP Sectors - showing reporting on, STD, ADEP, ADES, STA and reporting off plus rest before & after duty. For the flights with FDP extension, possibility to turn off/on the extension by clicking on the 'FDP+' checkbox
  2. FTL Calculation Summary - showing the same FTL details which you can find in a section OPS, tab CREW > FTL Calculations. Hover the mouse over Rest, FDP or Duty values to find explanations why these values have applied.

Click on 'View FTL Sheet' to get FTL Sheet report.

Crew currency

Crew currency status in Crew Panel

The feature works exactly like in Crew Duties page. Leon shows the dot next to crew code, which can be defined in a section Settings > Crew Currency and can be activated in the filter under the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the page.

The colour of the dot shows the current state of the crew currency by displaying the dot either in green, amber or red colour. If you hover the mouse over the dot a tooltip will appear with detailed information about the status of crew currency (see screenshot on the right).

Adding duties

To add a duty mark a day, right-click with the mouse and select either ADD DUTY or QUICK ADD DUTY.

Add Duty

Adding duty that crosses midnight

An option 'ADD DUTY' shows a drop-down box with all duties (pre-defined in a section Settings > Duties Setup), select a needed one and fill a new pop-up window in with details. If the duties are set up Per Acft Type in Settings > Duties Setup the added duty will apply for all tails of that type.

You can also add multiple crew members to the same duty by selecting relevant names in the drop down list in the editing window.

Choice of date frame available in 'ADD DUTY' function:

  • if you want to add a series of repetitive duties you need to choose 'From' and 'To' dates as well as the timeframe and click on 'ADD' button
  • if you want to add a single duty, do not change the date frame and set the duty times in the timeframe. Click 'ADD' button to save the duty
  • if you want to add a single duty passing over midnight, do not change the date frame and in the timeframe insert the 'From' time before midnight and 'To' time after midnight. For example, if you want to set a duty to start on 7th Jun at 18:00 and finish on 8th Jun at 06:00 you simply set both dates to 7th Jun and set the 'From' time to 18:00 and 'To' time to 06:00

:!: You can now add duties which cross midnight. Be aware that in the old crew roster Leon will show such duties on the day of the duty start.

Leon shows times in BT - Base Time - base/bases are defined in a section Settings > General Settings. Every crew can be assign to a certain base and that base's timezone shows on top of the page (between date 'TO' and an icon 'NOW').

Quick add duty

An option 'QUICK ADD DUTY' is a quicker way of adding duties. Hover the mouse over it and Leon will show all pre-defined duties along with their colours. It is more suitable for 'OFF' types of duties, as Leon does not show a pop-up window where you can add details - Leon adds duties with default times (previously defined in a section Duties Setup).

Adding a new duty from a 'QUICK ADD DUTY' panel

Click NOW on top of the page to get displayed a green line with the current Base time (base defined in Settings).

Right-click with the mouse on the duty and select Sort by Leg to get all crew with the same duty assigned on top of the crew-part of the page

Adding duties on aircraft

It is possible to add duties on a particular aircraft registration or type (depending on settings in Duties Setup panel) and once it's done, Leon will automatically assign crew, when a new trip is added (in a section OPS) - as long as an aircraft, an airport and the date of the flight & duty match.

When defining such a duty, select an aircraft and mark a checkbox Auto roster.

Crew auto-roster in Leon

Once a duty on the aircraft is added on a particular date and at the particular airport, Leon will assign crew automatically to the trip added in OPS panel - see an example on the screenshot, on the right, showing 4 steps of how Leon auto-roster crew to flights.

The same option is available in a panel CREW CALENDAR.

Copying duties

It is possible to copy duties from one user onto the other.

When adding duties for a particular crew member, mark them (you can use Shift or Ctrl keys to mark multiple duties), right-click and select Copy Duties. then right-click on the day from which duties should be added and select Paste Duties.

Then right-click on the day from which duties should be added and select Paste Duties.

This functionality excludes copying duties on the aircraft and will not work if new duty is overlapping existing duty.

Crew Duty Requests

If the duty is requested by a Crewmember it will be presented as a duty with the red duty label:

To accept or reject the request Crew Planner has to either add this requested duty or override the duty. Crew members can only request the duties via their mobile applications subject to the privileges provided. The Crewmember can also insert a note along with the duty request. Upon clicking on such request in Crew Panel, the note is then visible for the crew planners in the bottom bar of the interface.

It is possible to accept or reject multiple duty Requests by holding 'Shift' or 'Ctrl'.

Editing duties

Edit Duty

Leon allows you to edit existing duties. It is possible to edit the airport, time, and date of the duty. It is also possible to add/delete crew members to the duty. In order to edit a duty you need to:

  1. Right-click the mouse on a particular duty. A pop-up menu will open
  2. In a pop-up menu click on 'Edit duty' option
  3. 'Edit duty' pop-up window will open, where you can change the duty details
  4. SAVE changes to overwrite the duty details

It is not possible to change the duty type while editing. You need to delete existing duty first and then add a new one.

Adding Positioning

To add positioning in the Crew Panel - either before the planned sector or as a stand-alone positioning - you need to follow below steps:

Add positioning window
  1. Right-click on a flight in the Crew part of Crew Panel to open 'New Positioning' window
  2. In the 'New Positioning' window, Leon will suggest the date of positioning, the departure of positioning (this is ADES from the sector you clicked on) and the Crew from the sector you clicked on. The Crewmember which the positioning is added to will be framed - . It is possible to change the default date, the departure airport of positioning as well as add extra crew by choosing them from the dropdown list.
  3. Click 'ADD' button to save positioning. Once the positioning is saved it will display in the Crew part of Crew Panel as . Positioning will also display in the TABLE section of the OPS view.

Hovering the mouse over '?' icon located by the STD/STA inputs will display a tooltip with time values in UTC/LT/BT.

Once the positioning is added it is also possible to add further positionings, edit existing positioning and deleted the positioning. You simply need to click on the existing positioning and choose the relevant option.

It is also possible to check Changes history by right-clicking on a particular positioning and selecting 'Changes History'.

Adding Simulators

Adding SIM duty in Crew Panel

To add a new Simulator duty from the Crew Panel - once it is already performed - select date range, crew member, right-click the mouse and select 'ADD SIMULATOR' option.

Once a pop-up window shows, you can initially fill it in with the following details: Aircraft type, Date, ADEP, ADES, BLOFF, BLON, Crew (CPT and FO) and optionally the Notes.

It is not necessary to add Journey Log data to save SIM in Crew Timeline panel.

After the SIM is performed, you can fill in the rest of the details that applied during the SIM session.

Added SIM duty will appear with the black line of minimum rest required after the duty. It will also appear in OPS panel with already filled in Journey Log.

Added SIM duty can always be edited and its details can be changed. It is also possible to delete a particular crew from SIM and/or delete the SIM duty completely.

Crew currency feature will work properly only when the field 'Pilot Flying' has been filled in with pilot/pilots codes. In case where FO did take off and CPT did landing (or vice versa), you should add crew codes in a field 'Pilot Flying' as FO/CPT or CPT/FO

Hotel Bookings

Hotel Booking Pop-Up Window

A new feature to add hotel reservations for crew members has been implemented. Under the 3-dot icon, it is now possible to switch an option to show Required hotel. Once this option is marked, Leon will show icon after each flight if a crew member ends his flight duty outside of his home base. The red H letter indicates that the hotel has not been reserved. Once you click on the icon a Hotel booking pop-up window will open. In the pop-up window it is possible to select:

  • Hotel from the drop-down menu - this is a list of hotels from Airport Directory database - additional hotels can be added there
  • Check-in & Check out times in UTC or BT
  • Status of the reservation
  • Crew members for whom the reservation was made
  • Notes (at the moment visible in Report Wizard only)

Once the reservation details are added the letter H in the hotel icon will change colour to white

If manual publication of drafts is enabled a pink background will appear indicating the change requires publication.

If you right-click on the hotel icon from the context menu you can choose from 3 options:

  • Edit Hotel reservation - once selected you can amend the existing reservation
  • Delete From Hotel Reservation - selecting will delete selected crew members from the booking
  • Delete Hotel Reservation - selecting removes the entire hotel booking

If the crew, in a given time-range, performs a series of flights ending at the same airport out of the home base, adding one hotel reservation for the selected time-frame will mark all hotel icons as booked. This saves the crew planners from adding a hotel reservation after each flight separately.

In a situation where the destination airport is different from the airport at which the hotel was originally booked ( a case of flight diversion) the required hotel icon will display in red.

Additionally, a new scope has been added to the Report Wizard section called Hotel Booking where it is possible to generate a report with hotel reservations and filter out hotel bookings by selected Airport and Status (untouched, requested, and confirmed).

Currently, adding hotel reservations in Crew Timeline works independently to hotel reservations in the OPS section and do not affect FTL calculations (e.g. min rest required in Home Base)

Deleting duties

Deleting duties

Leon allows to delete multiple duties across different dates and different crew members. Just hold Ctrl key select duties to be deleted and right click the mouse and select Delete Duties. You can also use Shift key to delete multiple duties for one crew member.

The process of deleting duties is very similar to editing duties:

  1. Right-click the mouse on a particular duty. A pop-up menu will open
  2. In a pop-up menu click on 'Delete duty' option. The confirmation question will display
  3. Pressing 'YES' will remove the chosen duty, 'NO' will switch off the validation.
It is NOT possible to edit or delete a duty with the type 'On the aircraft'.

Publishing drafts

Draft publishing pop-up

Once you have added crew to flights, added all duties, made all changes - Leon will mark it all (duties) with pink background indicating it is not visible to the crew and it needs to be published.

To enable a button PUBLISH, in a panel 'General Settings', switch 'Crew panel' from 'Auto publish' to 'Manual publish'. Leon will show this button within 24h, as FTLs need to be re-calculated.

You can also decide whether you would like to publish only the changes made by you ('Only my changes' checkbox) or all the changes.

Selecting 'Only my changes' checkbox will limit the list of the crew to the names for which you made changes.

If the changes were applied to other planner's draft, this crew draft will be included in your publishing schedule in full, regardless of the number of amended duties.

When you are ready to publish changes, click and Leon will show a pop-up window where you can select a time range and crew members.

After clicking 'Publish' you will see the progress bar and after a few seconds publication will be completed.

Deleting draft for one user

Option to clear draft for crewmember

It is possible to clear draft for one Crewmember.

In order to do it:

  1. right-click with your mouse on Crew code
  2. select 'CLEAR DRAFT CHANGES FOR …' from the list
  3. option will display
  4. click 'YES' or 'NO' button for relevant action

IMPORTANT! Selecting 'YES' will remove all the planned duties.

Duty notifications

Notification email sent to the relevant Crew
Settings up an email template for roster changes

It is also possible to notify the Crew when the roster or the changes to the roster are published.

In order to do that you need to check the SEND NOTIFICATIONS button that is located at the top of the Crew Panel View.

Once it is checked and the duty is added or published if such option is switched on, Leon will send the notification to the Crew 6 minutes after the task is completed.

The email notification will look as presented in the screenshot and will have the 'Work Schedule' pdf attached, but it is possible to set up an email template for roster changes notifications. In order to do that go to Settings > Email Templates, click and select Crew panel roster change then put the name (i.e. Rev1) and save.

Leon will show a new page where you (or your IT dept) can set up email Subject, Body and Recipients - in a similar way as all other templates for sales documents or fuel order.

Airport/Crew Discontinuity

Leon will now mark the flight block with a red zigzag line if the last airport of landing does not correspond with the next airport of take off. This will indicate that aircraft repositioning needs to be added. Analogical situation will happen with the crew section if the airports between last and next duty do not correspond. This will indicate that crew positioning needs to be planned between the two duties.

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