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The list of added HILs

We have implemented a brand new main list of all added HILs to Leon.

All added HILs appear on the main HIL page, with a few columns displaying most important data, such as: HIL number, MEL number, ACFT, Date, Limit, Date C/W, Discrepancy description, Flight limitations, Status and Action (editing HIL).

It is possible to set the date-range, either by selecting From-To date, or choosing one of the options from the drop-down list.

The Sort by option allows to sort the list of HILs by: Date ascending, Date descending, Limit date acs & Limit date des.

It is also possible to filter the main list by a particular aircraft type, aircraft reg number or its label, by clicking the button

The main offers 4 possibilities of filtering the list of all added HILs:

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