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Viewing flights

Considering that different departments desire different ways of viewing flight activities (flights, positionings, office duties, reservations, maintenance) we have created 3 separate panels: TABLE, CALENDAR and TIMELINE.

tabs in schedule.png

Each panel has its specific view and access to both: left and right-hand side filters explained in separate chapters of the manual.

Filters of each panel have been arranged very carefully so that they contain all necessary options to give you the widest range of possibilities to work smoothly on flights or other activities.

In OPS, if you select a flight (in TABLE, CALENDAR or TIMELINE) and then click on the icon eye timeline.png placed in the right-hand filter (top-right corner) - Leon will focus on that flight and will show it in the center of the screen.

Even if you change the view i.e. in TIMELINE from 5 days to 12 hours - Leon remembers what flight it should be focused on and that flight will still be in the center of the screen. In TABLE or CALENDAR, after clicking the flight, if you change the date forward/backward and click the eye-icon Leon will revert to the focused flight.

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