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Ops checklist

Once the flight is created, both OPS and Sales departments can start preparing the flight for dispatch by working on particular sectors of the Checklist.

To access the checklist you have to either open right-hand filter, tab 'Checklist', or, click on the dot in the relevant Checklist column in the OPS view. You can also just hover the mouse over the dot to see its items in a pop-up window.


Checklist tab is devided to 2 sections depending on the department preparing the flight:

  1. Ops
  2. Sales

It is possible to roll up the sub-section of a checklist. Each sub-section has a coloured dot indicating summarised status of items in the sub-section:

  • Green - all checklist items in the sub-section are green
  • Orange - at least one item in the sub-section has orange status with all others either on green or white ('Not Applicable')
  • Red - at least one item in the sub-section has red status
  • Grey - all checklist items in the sub-section are on 'Not Applicable' status

If the flight has more than one sector, you can edit each one of them and switch between them in the OPS view. It is important to remember to save the changes made to the checklist, otherwise they will be lost. It is possible to add a note and upload a file to each item of the checklist. An alternative way of uploading files is to drag & drop it into the checklist item. In order to do that you have to click on the name of the checklist item, for example CARGO. You will see space for notes and upload files new leon.png button that will allow you to add files.

OPS item history of changes

After a file is uploaded it will show with underlined name and the tickbox i.e. uploaded file.png. To remove the file you have to untick the checkbox which will cross-out the title. Clicking on “Save” will save changes to the checklist.

By clicking the icon show filter.png you will get an access to 2 functionalities:

  1. RESET STATUSES - all items which have been set up to yellow or green statuses will turn back to Untouched new leon.png
  2. DOWNLOAD ALL FILES - all files attached to the particular flight will be downloaded in the ZIP format.
It is possible to set up notifications informing of lack of action on a specific checklist item. When the status of the item remains red (“Untouched” or “?”) for too long, Leon can send out an email informing of such situation. If you are interested in this option please contact and provide the email address to which the notification should be sent. The email will be sent out once every hour starting at the number of hours before STD specified by the operator.


Leon has archived the checklist on flights older than 6 months. If you wish to view the checklist on those flights you need to have a privilege to edit the checklist turned on (in a section Settings > Privileges)

Adding/removing items of the checklist

Items available in both checklists are the items marked in the Flight editing section of Operator Settings. Once ticked they will show in the checklist of newly added flight by default.

It is possible to add additional items and remove not needed ones while preparing the flight.

Removing items in the checklist

To add a checklist item you simply need to click on + ADD ITEM button located on top-right part of the filter. You will get a list of items that are not ticked in the Operator Settings section but are still available. Click on the item that you need and this item will be added to this particular leg of the trip. Finally press “Save” button to save the changes.

If after pressing + ADD ITEM botton you see “No items left to add” message, it simply means that all available items are added to the checklist.

If there are items that you do not need in your checklist, you can remove them. Removing item is as simple as adding one. You just need to click on bin-new leon.png icon. A window will pop-up asking to confirm (Yes) or reject (No) the request. If you click YES, please remember to press “Save” to confirm the changes to the checklist.

Ops checklist

The items which should get displayed inside the 'Checklist' window can be selected directly within the checklist.

Some of the available sections include:

  • ATC Flight Plan - all information relevant to the specific planned flight.
  • Operational Flight Plan - which is prepared for the crew with fuel details, point names, winds, etc.
Adding permits details in a section OPS
  • Landing permission - you can simply add permit information by clicking on “Edit” button. A new pop-up window will open where you can add permit/permits details, such as: Country, Supplier, Validity, Revalidation, Short Notice, Notes and Status. Clicking on “+” allows you to add another Permission. You can also add notes and optionally upload a file. Information added in the notes section will show in the Trip Sheet. Once the permit is added you can hover the mouse over “Edit” button or Permit question mark.png to see permit(s) details in a tooltip.
  • Overflight permission - it can be added in the same way as landing permission (see above).
  • Crew aware of trip - once the crew is assigned to the trip you can set the status to 'Acknowledged'. If you make any changes in crew assignment for that flight, the 'Crew aware of trip' status in 'Legs Info' will turn from 'Acknowledged” to '?'
  • Airport slots - split into 2 sections: ADEP & ADES.
  • PPR - Prior Permit Required.


  • Fuel - divided into 4 sections: Block, Burn, MRF (Minimum Required Fuel) and Requested. It is possible to include value inserted in the 'Requested' field in 'Fuel Order' email by editing 'Fuel Order email template' and using available data located under Specific fuel suppliers and prices can be added in Fuel section.
  • Handling - described further down in this section
GAR panel in Leon
  • Crew transport - here you can specify the way of transportation details for your crew. Notes added to these items will show in the Trip Sheet.
  • Hotel - in Hotel section of Airport Directory you can specify your favorite hotel for a specific location. Once this has been done, it will show automatically when flying to this location. Notes added in Hotel section will show in the Trip Sheet.
  • Pax catering - in notes section you can add some extra information regarding Passengers. This information will show in the Trip Sheet. For more specific information on Passengers see section PAX. We are integrated with DeliSky. To activate the integration you need to contact Once the integration is in place a link will be available next to the CATERING item. Clicking on the link will transfer you to DeliSky's ordering page.
  • Pax transport - divided into 2 sections: ADEP & ADES transport. Notes added here will show in the Trip Sheet.
  • GAR sent - applies to UK destinations only. Located in Customs section of the checklist allows to send GAR email to the relevant authorities. Clicking on “Send GAR” opens an email window. It is possible to insert two GAR emails separated by a comma in the 'Airport Directory' > 'GAR emails' and they will be available from the dropdown in this section. Here you can see “Preview GAR” where you can see the document itself and check the details. Email in “To” section is taken from chosen Handler email. If the handler has not been assigned to the flight Leon uses the relevant HMRC email. “CC” and “Bcc” emails are taken from Operator Settings. Content of an email and GAR format between fdp & excel can be defined in Operator Settings. After sending GAR status changes to “Requested”.
  • Cargo - section where you can insert the cargo value.Cargo value input is only available for Non-Cargo Operators. Cargo Operators will only be able to insert the cargo values in the 'EDIT TRIP' section as Cargo value input has been removed from the 'CARGO' item in the checklist. It is disctated by the technical aspect of the application and keeping the inserted data in one place in database rather than 2 separate places.

Changes history

To check the history of changes done in a particular item you need to click on the item name and then click on the checklist history icon.png icon below the notes section. Leon will show a pop-up window with history changes details. The history changes window will include changes to both checklist item status as well as the notes.

In the changes history window, Leon shows the chronological list of all changes (the latest on top). The colours indication shows added data in green, changed data in yellow and removed data in red.

You can also trace a history of one item changes by clicking on the status. Leon will then highlight the initial entrance of the details as well as all the changes that applied. Below you can see it by example of the Handling Request status changes:

OPS changes highlighted item.png

You can also click the icon flight history.jpg and check details of the schedule changes in the pop-up window displayed.

Permits requesting

Setting up email templates for permits

It is possible to request directly from Leon Landing permit and Overflight permit.

In order to make this work, follow these steps.

1. Defining email templates

In a section Settings > Email Templates click add template.png and select either 'Landing Permits' or 'Overflight Permits'. You will also need to add name of the template (it can be country or revision).

On the new page you can insert email Subject and below you can re-arrange the default Body, by using Available Data items from the right filter. Another tab Recipients allows to define default email addresses: From, Reply to, CC and BCC. Once it's all set up you can use sending permits requests from the section OPS.

2. Adding permits details

Inserting permit's details
Sending permits email

In the Checklist panel click button permit request.png next to 'Landing permit' or 'Overflight permit' items (if items don't appear as default ones, click + ADD ITEM button).

Once a new pop-up window got displayed (see screenshot on the right), fill it in with details, such as:

  1. Country
  2. Supplier
  3. Number
  4. Validity
  5. Revalidation
  6. Note
  7. Status (select from the drop-down box)

You can also mark a checkbox 'Short notice 72h', if necessary. Clicking + button allows adding another permit's details.

3. Requesting permits

The last step is sending a permit email. Click a button request permit button.png and Leon will show a window for sending permit request email with previously set up data, apart from an email address 'TO', which needs to be added manually.


Handling Request section in OPS Checklist
Adding ad-hoc HR items to a particular leg

Handling Requests section of the checklist is split into 2 parts, same as 'Airport slots'. For each particular airport you can choose a handling agent you wish to use (also see section Airport Directory for more information as to how to set default handling agents).

Here is the explanation for the icons showing in HANDLING section:

  • Handling LFMD.png - clicking on HANDLING(AIRPORT CODE) allows you to add extra notes as well as upload files. Once the file is added and saved, it will show as uploaded file.png.
  • notepad new leon.png - this icon displays after some notes are added to HANDLING section. Hovering the mouse over this icon will display notes in a tooltip.
  • Upload in HR.png - this icon displays after uploading and saving a file in HANDLING section. Hovering the mouse over this icon will display a tooltip with the name(s) of files uploaded.
  • Requested items.png - by clicking on this icon you will be able to add Requested handling items on ADEP/ADES, and Hotel details information on ADES. It is possible set up default Items on Departure/Arrival as well as HOTAC information can be added in Handling requests section of Leon, which then will populate here automatically. If there are some extra items required they can be typed in in the Request window. Requesting Hotel via handling function is optional and available at ADES only. If this checkbox is ticked Handling Request email will include HOTAC details, if it is unticked - this part will not be included in Handling Request email. Below you can see an example of Requested handling items at ADES window.
  • HR i.jpg - hover the mouse over to get an information regarding a handling agent: email address, phone number, fax, WWW, SITA, etc…

In HANDLING section you can also check what changes have been made to the flight that affected handling request status. To check it simply hover the mouse over the HR status and the information will be displayed in a tooltip.

Notes added in this section will also show in the Trip Sheet document. More information on Handling Request functionality can be found here.

Attaching extra documents to HR email

GenDec and/or PAX Manifest can be attached to a Handling Requests email by marking a checkboxes: 'Attach GenDec' and 'Attach Pax Manifest' at the bottom of the HR sheet.

It is now also possible to attach an additional document when sending out Handling Requests email. By default this document is named 'Handling Request Manifest' and the layout of this document is the same as 'PAX Manifest' document, however, it can be re-named and re-arranged in Documents Manager panel into a custom document, if needed.

Go to Settings > Documents Manager panel, click icon 1.jpg and select Handling Request Manifest. When a pop-up window appears insert document's name (or leave as Handling Requests Manifest) and add document's version.

Handling Requests - attaching an additional document to HR email

Below you can find an example of a custom document 'Custom PAX Manifest' added to HR panel.

HRM 1.png

Once it's saved you will find this document as unpublished (indicated with the white dot, if you change in the upper filter from YES to NO).

HRM 2.png

Edit the document and re-arrange it in Documents Manager panel according to your needs by using 'Available Data' items and HTML/CSS panels. Once it's all adjusted, publish the document (click the white dot which will become green).

In a section OPS > Checklist > Handling, when sending a new Handling Requests email, it will be possible to attach new document along with GenDec (see screenshot on the right).

Tagging Handling agents

We have added a new option of tagging Handling agents/FBOs. Sometimes it is required to inform the crew whether the standard of the chosen handling agent is high (and no crew oversight is needed), or if crew should be present for the majority of services, or if crew need full oversight to check everything that handlers do.

The first step that needs to be taken in order to set it up is creating tags for a particular handler. Go to Airport Directory, edit an airport and in a tab 'Handling/FBO' edit a handler and in the field Tags insert tag's name, then select a colour and save. You can create multiple tags for each airport (see example below).

tags 1.png

When assigning handlers in the checklist, Leon will show the tag right below handling's name:

tags 2.png

The next step is connecting already added tags to Crew Trip Sheet document, in Documents Manager panel by using the item 'tags' in the 'Available Data' filter.

tags DM.png


GAR panel in Leon
An example of a GAR document in pdf

Sending GAR documents is very similar to sending Handling Requests. When the PAX list is ready you should click Send GAR button in the Checklist tab (right-hand filter).

You will find two 'Send GAR' buttons which allow you to send this document to handling agent at selected airport separately.

After clicking the proper button a new window will appear on the screen. It allows you to edit default email content and preview GAR document by clicking Preview GAR –> link.

A default email content for GAR can be defined in section Settings > Handling Requests, field 'Default GAR email content', as well as 'From' and 'Cc' email addresses.

It is possible to add information such as: Visit reason and Visit address into the editable screen, which will get exported onto the GAR sheet.

Visit reason can also be selected from the drop-down box, where options are: Short-term visit, Based, Maintenance, Permanent Import.

An option to select between XLS and PDF formats when sending GAR is also available. In a section Settings > Handling Requests you can define a default GAR format.

As of 01-04-2020 it will only be possible to upload GAR form on GAR submission website. More information and guidance about new way of submitting GAR can be found here.

Sales checklist

Sections directly related to Sales are separately divided in Flight editing page where you can select the sales checklist status to be included in overall trip status. Items selected in a section Settings > Flight Editing will automatically apply to each flight. Similarily to Ops checklist, you can add and remove items as you work on the flight. Here you can also add notes and upload files.

2 items are particularly important in SALES checklist:

Sales checklist
Invoice Payments
The applicable statuses and their colours in this item are as below This item has been added to separate typical 'Invoice' statuses from those related to 'Payments'
invoice.png payments.png

Each section has its own drop down menu where the status Untouched new leon.png is selected by default. 'Untouched' means that nothing was done about this item. Various sections have different status options with different colours assigned.

The colour of dot on the 'Flights list' page gives you a quick information about flight preparation status.

  • green-dot.png - flight is ready - everything has been prepared.
  • yellow-dot.png - flight is not ready - some items are waiting to be confirmed.
  • red-dot.png - flight is not ready - some items require work done.

If an item concerns the entire trip (not a single leg) Leon will show TRIP right below the item's name.


If you use an item Payments in your Sales checklist, Leon will show in the CALENDAR section an additional icon $ in the flight's rectangle (right next to the checklist dots) in 3 colours: red, yellow & green.

The colour of the icon $ corresponds with the colour of the 'Payments' item's status (see examples below).

Sales checklist items

payments red.jpg –> untouched sales.jpg

payments yellow.jpg –> requested sales.jpg

payments green.jpg –> payment rcd.jpg

To enable this option in the Calendar, you need to mark a checkbox payment checkbox.jpg in the left filter, tab SHOW

Positioning checklist

Positioning checklist default items

By clicking on a Positioning checklist dot in a section OPS (right-hand filter), Leon shows 3 default items of which statuses can be set up.

A button +ADD ITEM allows to add more items (previously defined in a section Settings > Flight Editing) in the same way as with OPS or sales checklist.

RESET STATUSES button turns all items statuses back to 'Untouched'.

If you wish to have a custom item/items in your checklist (OPS or Sales), please contact our Support Team with the information of item's name and statuses needed.
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