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Useful tips

Below you can find useful hints & tips which will help you in working with Leon.


A Sandbox is a place, where you can safely play with the system. If you want to test some settings or schedules, or perform training for a new employee, without the risk of making unwanted changes in the production environment, a Sandbox is a right place to do it. You can access your own Sandbox at

A few details to be remembered regarding the Sandbox feature:

  • Sandbox works with the copy of your production database, refreshed daily at 03:30 UTC
  • No data will be transferred from Sandbox to production. Any changes done in the Sandbox will be overwritten the next day
  • No e-mail will be sent out from Sandbox


Leon is integrated with various external softwares dealing with: sales, flight planning, fleet maintenance, handling, catering or fuel. Go to a section Settings > Integrations and check possibilities.

To get integrated with most of those softwares you need to:

  1. Contact the software's Support and get ID/Login/Authorization Key and Password.
  2. In a section Integrations open the one you wish to be connected with and insert credentials.

If you come across any issues, please send us a message via Customer Portal


Each created and saved report in WIZARD panel can be edited and re-arranged in many ways. Leon users can decide what columns should get displayed in the report and in what order, they can choose period of time for each report and name each report the way they want.

It is possible to send schedules from REPORT WIZARD to particular recipients in pre-defined periods of time. Each stored report can be sent out frequently by using this functionality. Leon will send an email with 2 files attached: Excel & PDF.

'Edit template' function allows editing the report in HTML and creating an alternative and more complex version of the same report including options such as:

  • changing the headers in the report
  • highlighting data
  • sorting the report according to aircraft flights
  • implementing charts
  • and many more

It is also possible to show various charts in WIZARD REPORT. You can show various charts, by using QuickChart Documentation web service that generates chart images, which are suitable for embedding in email, SMS, chatbots, and other formats.


You can add flights performed by your crew for other companies and monitor FTLs.

  1. Go to Settings > Fleet.
  2. Click 'Add new aircraft' and in a field 'Aircraft Type' insert X-COM and fill in other mandatory fields: aircraft short name, registration (i.e. X-COM or CREW) and home base.
  3. Enter Settings > Aircraft Crew Positions - in the filter select an aircraft X-COM and mark appropriate flight positions for cockpit & cabin.
  4. In a section Settings > Ratings select crew members and add ratings for the airarcft X-COM.
  5. You can now add flights on X-COM and check FTLs in a report FTL Sheet.


GROUND staff duties

If you need to add duties to the roster also for your GROUND staff (office, maintenance, sales, etc…) you can do that by adding an aircraft GROUND to your fleet (one ground aircraft is free of charge).

  1. Adding this aircraft should be done in the same way as it was done with all other tails - you just need to insert GND in a field 'Name' in an aircraft profile, fill in mandatory fields and assign appropriate Aircraft Crew Positions in a tab Ground.
  2. Another step is to add Ratings for previously chosen positions.
  3. Crew with ratings on GND will appear in the Crew Calendar panel (if aircraft GND is marked in the filter).


Flight documents

You can monitor whether documents have been returned to the office by the crew or not.

  1. Contact us via Customer Portal with the information on what documents should be included in the list (i.e. FTL, PLOG, Load Sheet, Tech Log, etc…).
  2. Once it's set up you will see flights with columns (documents) where you will be able to mark if a particular document has been returned to the office.


Home Base Handling Requests

This section can be useful if you often fly to certain airports (i.e. several times a day) where you use the same handling agent.

  1. Go to a section OPS > Home Base Handling Request.
  2. In the filter input airport code which is the airport of the service. If the same handling agent also operates on a different airport you can insert that airport's code in the second field.
  3. Save the PDF file with the planned flights and send it to the handling agent.


Custom airports

If you come across a missing airport, airfield or helipad in Leon, you can add it manually to the system (option available for Leon users with admin privileges).

  1. Enter section OPERATIONS > Custom airports.
  2. Click the link to add a new airport.
  3. Fill in fields such as: Custom airport name (it should be a code if an airport has no name), Name (which can be the nearest town/city name), City, Latitude and Longitude.


Crew duty requests

You can set privileges to your crew so that they can send Duty Requests to the roster from the Leon mobile app.

  1. Go to Settings > Privileges.
  2. Click the group Crew and go to tab DETAILS.
  3. Mark 'Crew App - Duty Requests' as EDIT.
  4. All requests made by crew appear in brackets and need to be either confirmed or rejected.


Crew currency

It is possible to adjust the number of days for some of the crew currency calculations.

  1. Enter section Settings > Crew Currency
  2. On the new page you can find several types of currencies where you can make adjustments: define number of days for particular currency and number of take offs, landings, sectors or block time hours.
  3. You can check your crew currency status in a sections Crew Panele and Crew Duties by marking a checkbox Show dot in the filter and hoovering the mouse over the dot next to crew name. Crew currency is also displayed in a section OPS: hover the mouse over crew code and click '

Currency or Endorsements', or open right filter, tab CREW and select 'Currency' to view details.


You can label each Leon user - the label will appear in Crew Duties right under crew name as well as in the filter.

  1. Hover the mouse over and enter section Phonebook.
  2. Click tab Labels and add as many labels as you need.
  3. Added labels will appear in each user's profile - mark the appropriate label/labels.
  4. In a section Crew Duties you can filter crew by person labels. In OPS you can check crew label when you hover the mouse over crew code.
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