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Report Wizard - the main view on saved reports

Report Wizard has been created to replace in the future Custom Flights List report. The main aim was to allow quick & easy creating & storing various type of reports in one page (crew flight times, aircraft block hours, fuel usage, PAX data, etc….).

Each created and saved report can be edited and re-arranged in many ways. Leon users can decide what columns should get displayed in the report and in what order, they can choose period of time for each report and name each report the way they want.

Report Wizard is available in a section Reports, at the top of the drop-down list. All saved reports can be found in general Report Wizard page.

Creating & editing reports

Creating a report in a Report Wizard panel in Leon

To create a new report click add-report-icon.png icon at the bottom and you will be transferred to the new page. Here, on the left-hand side you can find a filter with available data items, which - when marked - create columns in the report. Used items turn from not used item.png into used item.png You can use a field 'Search' to quickly find a desired item. You can also add items by dragging & dropping the item from the filter staright into the 'Columns' bar.

When creating a new report Leon shows 7 default columns:

  • Flight number
  • Registration
  • ADEP ICAO Plan
  • ADES ICAO Plan

Displayed columns can be manually changed by clicking columns changer.png icon. When columns-names show, simply click & place a particular column to where you wish it to be.

Once the report is done you can save it giving it a name (use 'Save as' button) and it will be available in the main Report Wizard page. Saved report name can always be changed in the top-part of the creating when you click pen-icon in the report name changer.png link.

Viewing and editing a report

When viewing already saved report Leon shows it with all initially selected columns and period of time. Click an icon editing report icon.png to edit it, in case you want to make changes (select different columns or use filter).

It is possible to export a created report to PDF by clicking pdf icon.png to Excel export excel.png icon, or to CSV csv icon.png - in top-right corner of the page.

'Edit Template' function

Edited version of the report

'Edit template' function allows editing the report in HTML and creating an alternative and more complex version of the same report including options such as:

  • changing the headers in the report
  • highlighting data
  • sorting the report according to aircraft flights
  • implementing charts
  • and many more

In order to access the HTML version of the report you need to:

  1. Edit an existing report or create a new one
  2. Click on Edit Template2.png icon located in the top-left corner of the report

The edited view is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Editing - left-hand site section where you can amend the report using HTML (in tabs HEADER, BODY and FOOTER) and CSS (in tab CSS)
  2. Preview - the middle part where you can preview the amended report in either HTML or PDF version
  3. Data and Settings - right-hand panel. In the 'DATA' tab you can select the data range in the report as well as access the 'Available data' source to use in the editing section. In 'SETTINGS' you can amend the design options including margins and page orientation

Personal reports

Visibility of the saved reports in Wizard

Each Leon user who has the access to the Wizard Report is now able to create and save a report to which no other user will have access.

After creating the report, right next to the field where the report can be named/renamed there is a checkbox visible checkbox.png - if it's marked, that report will be visible ONLY to the user who has created it - no other user will see it, unless the checkbox is unmarked.

If the checkbox is unmarked all users will see the report and will be able to view it BUT will not be able to make changes to it (SAVE button will be inactive).

On the main Wizard Report page, in a column Visibility each user can check which reports have been enabled to all users (indication 'Company') and which ones are blocked (indication 'Only me').

Positioning reports

Example of positionings report in Wizard

When adding a new report, Leon will show a pop-up window where you will need to select a Scope: either 'Flight', 'Positioning' or 'Flights Aggregated Statistics'.


By selecting a scope 'Posiotioning' you will get date related to positionings ONLY, so both: columns & filters options will be narrowed down.

Flights Aggragated Statistics reports

Flights Aggragated Statistics report

Flights Aggregated Statistics report allows creating the reports with the data combined from a number of measurements.

In order to create such a report, choose the 'Flights Aggregated Statistics' from the dropdown selection in the pop-up window while adding the new report.


Once you open the report, there are different available data comparing to 'Flight' or 'Positioning' type of report.

Looking at the 'Available Fields' section on the left-hand side, there are 5 measurements available:

  • Flights count
  • Block time [JL] [AVG]
  • Block time [JL] [SUM]
  • Block time [Plan] [AVG]
  • Block time [Plan] [SUM]
Bar chart view

Once you chose the 'Available Fields', the data in the report can be presented in 2 different views:

  • Table view - standard table view upon clicking on FAS column icon.png icon.
  • Bar chart view - view represented in the screenshot on the right-hand side, available upon clicking on the FAS bar chart icon.png icon. the data shows in a tooltip upon hovering the mouse over the specific bar.

The data displayed can be grouped by:

  • PAX age - calculating data for PAX.
  • Aircraft type - calculating data for a specific type of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft - calculating data for a specific aircraft registration.
  • Route - showing data per route flown.
  • Client - showing data per a clients selected in quotes.

The filter icon.png options availabel are:

  • Aircraft - fleet tails.
  • Aircraft type - fleet types.
  • Clients - type client's name/surname to narrow down displayed data (you can select more than one client).
  • Excluded clients - select client/clients which should not appear in the report.
  • Journey Log - viewing flights with added Journey Log only.

Trips Report

Example of Trips report

Trips report allows creating the reports for the whole trips, rather than single flights.

To create this report you need to select option 'Trip' in a 'Scope' dropdown list:


The columns in this report contain basic trip details as well as elements of the quotation including Taxes.

This report is suitable for the Sales teams who would like to see the details of the trips performed by the operator.

FTL Duty scope

To make it easier to generate a FTL report, we have added a separate FTL duty scope showing strictly FTL data.

In the main Wizard report page click add-report-icon.png and select 'FTL duty'.

FTL report generated from FTL duty scope

ftl scope.png

Leon will show default FTL columns on the left part of the screen, such as: Duty end date & time, Duty lenght, Duty start date & time, FDP start date & time, FDP end date & time, FDP extension, Split duty time and more.

You can use the filter to limit data to particular crew member/members or particular aircraft.

Invoices scope

Invoices report generated from Wizard

Invoices are important part of each Sales department of any company. We have added an additional 'Invoices' scope to the WIZARD REPORT page, so that Sales can generate, name and save a report containing only Invoices details (taken from Requests/Quotes panel).

In the main WIZARD REPORT page click add-report-icon.png and select the scope 'Invoices' to generate a report to which you can assign such columns as: Invoice No., Requested by, Sell date, Billing date, Total Gross or Total Net. These and other details of the invoice can be selected in the columns panel on the left.

scope Invoices.png

Use the icon filter icon.png for further filtering options: click Quote request status and mark available checkboxes (statuses of the quote) from the list: New request, Quoted, Rejected, Option, Contract sent, Booked, Invoice sent, Brief sent and Done.

Use the icon columns changer.png in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).

Currency Converter Filter

Currency Converter filter in scope INVOICES

We have added 'Currency converter' filter in the scope INVOICES.

This filter allows converting the amount displayed in the 'Total Gross' column from the currency selected in 'General Settings' > 'Default currency (Price List)' to any other selected currency.

The conversion rate is the rate of National Bank of Poland on the date of invoice

Quote scope

Scope 'Quote' in Wizard Report

The new scope Quote has been added to make easier generating a report with all relevant details of quotes.

In the main WIZARD REPORT page click add-report-icon.png and select scope 'Quote'.

scope Quote selecter.png

On the left you can find available items, which you can add to the report, such as: Aircraft, Assignee, Price, Quote route, Sum block time, Sum PAX number and more.

Use the icon filter icon.png for available filtering options: Aircraft (registration), Aircraft type, RFQ status (new request, quoted, rejected, booked, done, etc…), Subcharter (yes or no) or Trip status (confirmed, option or opportunity).

Use the icon columns changer.png in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).

In the top-right corner you can select period of time and export the report to Excel or CSV. Once the report is saved, you can edit it and also export it to pdf.

Long-period reports

It is possible to generate a long-period reports in Wizard, for more than 90 days.

When generating a new report or editing already saved report in Wizard for a period of more than 90 days, Leon will show Time range too long warning, however, you will still be able to generate the report.

Click a blue button generate in background.png and after a few seconds Leon will show an information: Report successfully ordered. Go back to the main Wizard page and on the right-hand side of the screen you will see the progress-icon progress icon.png

Once the report publication is done Leon shows 'Download' icon allowing you to view the report in Excel file.

report published.png

You can delete such report by clicking on the bin-new leon.png icon.



In the top-right corner you can find date-selector where you can use either a button today button.png and navigate with arrows, or click date selector.png to open a calendar where you can mark period of time. You can also use one of the available, pre-defined options on top of the calendar: Today, Last 7 days, Previous month or This month.

Data filter

By clicking the filter icon.png icon Report Wizard allows to narrow down the displayed data by various details, such as: aircraft type & registration, ADEP & ADES, Flight number, Trip type, Cancelled legs or legs with Journey Log added.

Click Add and Leon will show a pop-up window (as on the screenshot on the right) where you can choose available data: click a particular one and either mark appropriate details, as per example below, where only 3 tails are selected:

Data filter in Report Wizard
Filter applied to narrow down displayed data

filter example.png

or, you can simply enter a value (i.e. Flight number/numbers) and add it to the filter the report:

filter example 2.png

All chosen values added to the filter show above the report data and can always be removed by clicking on X when hovered the mouse over.

Sharing reports

Sharing tool in Report Wizard

In the top-right corner of the report screen, under the sharing icon: share icon.jpg a URL link can be generated. By Clicking share link.jpg and entering the short name of the report, Leon will generate a link, which when inserted into the web address belt of the browser, will download the csv file with the content of the report.

The functionality is mainly aimed at Customers who wish to export data from Leon to various BI systems including Google Data Studio and Qlik.

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