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Report Wizard - the main view on saved reports

Report Wizard has been created to replace in the future Custom Flights List report. The main aim was to allow quick & easy creating & storing various type of reports in one page (crew flight times, aircraft block hours, fuel usage, PAX data, etc….).

Each created and saved report can be edited and re-arranged in many ways. Leon users can decide what columns should get displayed in the report and in what order, they can choose period of time for each report and name each report the way they want.

Report Wizard is available in a section Reports, at the top of the drop-down list. All saved reports can be found in general Report Wizard page.

reports drop down.png

Creating a report

Creating a report in a Report Wizard panel in Leon

Click add-report-icon.png icon at the bottom and you will be transferred to the new page. Here, on the left-hand side you can find a filter with available data items, which - when marked - create columns in the report. Used items turn from not used item.png into used item.png You can use a field 'Search' to quickly find a desired item. You can also add items by dragging & dropping the item from the filter staright into the 'Columns' bar.

Displayed columns can be manually changed by clicking columns changer.png icon. When columns-names show, simply click & place a particular column to where you wish it to be.

Once the report is done you can save it giving it a name (use 'Save as' button) and it will be available in the main Report Wizard page. Saved report name can always be changed in the top-part of the creating when you click pen-icon in the report name changer.png link.

You can export a created report to PDF (by clicking report export.png icon), or to Excel (by clicking export excel.png icon) - in top-right corner of the page.

Long-period reports

It is possible to generate a long-period reports in Wizard, for more than 90 days.

When generating a new report or editing already saved report in Wizard for a period of more than 90 days, Leon will show Time range too long warning, however, you will still be able to generate the report.

Click a blue button generate in background.png and after a few seconds Leon will show an information: Report successfully ordered. Go back to the main Wizard page and on the right-hand side of the screen you will find that generated report in the Ordered reports panel.

ordered reports.png

Here Leon shows report's name, period of time and the time of generating the report. Click Open link and Leon will show your report in an Excel file format.



In the top-right corner you can find date-selector where you can use either a button today button.png and navigate with arrows, or click date selector.png to open a calendar where you can mark period of time. You can also use one of the available, pre-defined options on top of the calendar: Today, Last 7 days, Previous month or This month.

Data filter

By clicking the filter icon.png icon Report Wizard allows to narrow down the displayed data by various details, such as: aircraft type & registration, ADEP & ADES, Flight number, Trip type, Cancelled legs or legs with Journey Log added.

Click Add and Leon will show a pop-up window (as on the screenshot on the right) where you can choose available data: click a particular one and either mark appropriate details, as per example below, where only 3 tails are selected:

Data filter in Report Wizard
Filter applied to narrow down displayed data

filter example.png

or, you can simply enter a value (i.e. Flight number/numbers) and add it to the filter the report:

filter example 2.png

All chosen values added to the filter show above the report data and can always be removed by clicking on X when hovered the mouse over.

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