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'MVT' tab in Crew App

MVT tab allows the pilots to insert the Flight Watch details.

This tab contains all the fields that are available in the desktop version of the 'Flight Watch'.

The timeframe details are split into the date and the time value.

Clicking on the date field will open a calendar pop-up where the specific date can be selected, if other than suggested.

Clicking on any of the timeframe fields (CTOT, ETD, BLOFF, etc) will open a pop-up identical to the one in the 'JL', where the time value can be inserted as well as one of the 3 options selected:

  • CANCEL - cancelling the input and closing the pop-up
  • CONFIRM - saving the inserted value and closing the pop-up
  • NEXT - saving the inserted value and moving to the next FW field

Flight Watch inserted and saved in the 'MVT' tab will automatically appear in the desktop version of Leon and vice-versa.

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