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Crew auto-rostering by position type

It is now possible to auto-roster crew by the position type.

First step is defining position types in a section Aircraft Crew Positions

In a new column 'Position type' select appropriate position from the list:

Once it's defined, when adding a duty on the aircraft (pre-defined in a section Duties Setup of the Settings panel.) Leon will show the Function based on crew ratings. So if a pilot has rating CPT, Leon will show by default 'Captains' and if a pilot has rating FO then by default will appear 'Officers'. If a pilot has both ratings CPT & FO, then both positions 'Captains' & 'Officers' will show. The same logic applies to cabin crew.

It is still possible to select a particular crew position, such as CPT or FO and it will work as before this functionality.

The example below shows how this works if 3 pilots are assigned, when the position type 'Captains' is selected.

When a flight is added in the time-range selected (13-19 DEC), all 3 pilots are assigned to the flight automatically.

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