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SHARING tab allows selecting the data that are to be shared with a buyer in the 'OPS&CREW' tab in the edit request section.

Currently, the following data can be selected:

  • Handling
  • Crew
  • Overflight Permits
  • Slots

The details are selected per Client and will apply to all the trips requested by the Client.

Once the details are selected and saved, the 'Trip data sharing status' will switch to 'SHARED' in the 'OPS&CREW' tab.

'Sharing' settings in the 'OPS&CREW' tab

Additionally, it is possible to select the trip data directly in the 'OPS&CREW' tab by clicking on the 'EDIT SETTINGS' button.

Apart from the trip data, it is also possible to apply the settings to the future buyer quote by selecting the relevant checkbox.

Once the sharing details are saved, the Trip data sharing status will change from 'NOT SHARED' to 'SHARED'.

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