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A new functionality of updating quote's schedule details & the price, after its modification in OPS section, has been implemented.

Once a quote's status changed to OPTION or BOOKED - which results in displaying it in OPS panel - when the quote's schedule details are changed in OPS section, such as: Aircraft, Date, STD/STA or ADEP/ADES, when editing the quote in 'REQUESTS/QUOTES' panel, it will be possible either to update the quote's schedule, or ignore it.

Below example shows a quote details before the change in OPS section.

Then in OPS section, an aircraft changed (from A-BCDE to B-ARTI) as well as STD/STA.

When editing the quote again in 'REQUESTS/QUOTES' panel (using 'SHOW IN SALES' button), Leon will show an information: 'Schedule in the OPS module has been modified' as well as 2 new buttons: &

By clicking UPDATE, the itinerary will be updated and the quote's price will also get modified, based on the above changes.

Clicking IGNORE leaves the quote's schedule & the price unchanged.

Updating quote's schedule will be possible only if changes in OPS section were made to ALL quote's sectors.
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