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ARINCDirect is the world leader in business aviation solutions, including flight planning, weather, communications, high-speed data, international trip planning, and fuel services.

More information about ARINCDirect can be found here

Integration configuration

How to integrate

In order to integrate with ARINCDirect, you simply need to go to the 'Configuration' panel of the Add-on, switch the integration to 'ON', and save the setting.

Once the integration is activated, the ARINCDirect export option will appear in the 'OPS' sections under the 'SEND SCHEDULE TO' option in the 'Documents Menu'.

'ARINCDirect' login page

How it works

The integration allows sending planned flights to ARINCdirect.

After clicking on the 'ARINCDirect' option located in the 'Documents Menu' > 'SEND SCHEDULE TO' will open an ARINCDirect login page. Flights will be uploaded upon logging in to the ARINCDirect account.

It is possible to only send the flights with the aircraft registration assigned and without the Journey Log filled in (including partial Journey Logs).

Currently, it is only possible to send one flight or a time. Leon will not allow sending multiple flights at one time.

Flights have to be sent manually from the OPS section. Currently, no automation is available.

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