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DAY TRADING functionality improvement

It is now possible to assign Accounts as default to crew members.

1st step to make it work, is defining which 'Account' should show as default in profiles of crew members. This can be done in the panel 'Settings' > 'Duties Setup' section, under Duty Account link.

Click the link and either edit the existing account or create a new one and mark a checkbox Default.

Leon will show which 'Account' has been defined as default on the main 'Accounts' page.

In the Crew Calendar section, when adding duties to crew, Leon will show accounts defined as 'default' in a field Compensate with.

Leon will also show accounts as columns on the right-hand side of the 'Crew Calendar' page, showing compensations of the duties. Accounts not defined as 'default' will show as N/A.

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