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TOWBAR option

If an aircraft needs to be moved on the ground with a towbar, it is possible to insert such information to Leon and use it when planning the trip.

The 1st step is defining at which airport the towbar is needed: edit the airport in Airport Directory panel and mark a checkbox Towbar Required.

The 2nd step is defining for a particular aircraft, whether a towbar or a towbar head is on board. Edit the aircraft profile and in a tab OPS select one of the options from the drop-down box.

Once these 2 details are set up, Leon can show automatically a checklist item or not, depending on the option's selection in the aircraft profile:

Towbar on board > No checklist item

Towbar head on board > Checklist item

Towbar not on board > Checklist item

Towbar head not on board > Checklist item

Towbar available but not on board > Checklist item

If you are interested in connecting 'TOWBAR CHECK' item to your checklist as per the above description, please contact
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