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We added a new tab FLIGHTS to the contact's profile, in the NEW PHONEBOOK.

The information within this tab: Date of the flight, Aircraft registration, Route & Flight time, will allow quick overview on contact's total number of flights or preferred destinations.

The tab shows flights of the contact as a passenger

and also as a buyer

In order for the flights to appear in this tab, the following conditions have to be met:

  • flights have to be booked ('Options' are not included)
  • ferry flights do not appear on the list ('Flights as a buyer' list)
  • deleted flights do not appear on the list ('Flights as a buyer' list)

The list takes into account flights from 'Requests/Quotes' as well as from the 'OPS' section (if 'Requests/Quotes' isn't used).

The flights are listed from the most recent one in descending order.

This tab is available in contact details if the 'New Phonebook - Flights' privilege is set to 'VIEW' for a group of privileges.

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