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Using actual FPL routing to get country list for overflight permits

Get Country List in Overflight Permits

'Get Country List' option

It is now possible to search for the list of countries for Overflight permits purposes using alternatively Route Finder calculated route, or your actual FPL routing.

In order to search for the countries, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Go to 'OPS Checklist' and click on the 'REQUEST' button next to the 'Overflight permit(s)' option
  2. In the “Routing” text box copy-paste items 13-16 (from ADEP to ALTNs), or leave it empty
  3. Click on the 'GET COUNTRY LIST' button within the 'PERMITS' pop-up window
  4. If FPL routing is entered, it will be used to generate the country list
  5. If routing was empty, the route and country list will be generated using Route Finder
  6. When the list of countries appears, check if all the necessary countries are listed, and remove unnecessary ones
  7. 'SAVE' the selection
When no FPL routing is used, the country list is generated using the route calculated by Route Finder and may not match the planned route. Please review and apply changes to the list if required.
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