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Owner Board

Owner Board is the new calendar-like view available to the Owners of the aircraft.

This view allows the Owners to see any flights/quotes performed on their aircraft.

In Leon, the Owner has to be:

  • added in Leon as a User
  • marked as a Client
  • assigned as an owner of the aircraft in the Fleet section > tab 'Sales'
Owner Board

Owner Board can be activated in the 'Privileges' section, by switchin the Owner Board privilege to VIEW status.

At the top of the 'Owner Board' view, it is possible to select the timeframe. The timeframe can be selected as a 'from - to' date range or as one of the predefined periods, e.g. '-60,now,+60', 'Last 30 days', etc.

The main view is presented as a calendar with a vertical layout (the date on the left-hand side and the aircraft registration at the top).


The flights are presented as tiles with the following information:

  • Schedule details including:
    • STA and STD. If ETA and ETD are inserted in the Flight Watch they will appear in brackets (as per the below screenshot). If BLOFF, T/O, LDG, and BLON are inserted either in the FW or a JL, then they will replace the scheduled times

  • Departure and Arrival airports - both airport code and the city name
  • Crew details - position and the crew code
  • Handler details - names of handlers and checklist statuses
  • Permits - 'Overflight Permits' and 'Landing Permits' checklist statuses. Once the details of the permit are inserted, the DETAILS link will appear next to the label. Clicking on the DETAILS, a pop-up appears containing name of the Country and the status of the checklist item

  • Slots - 'Slot ADEP' and 'Slot ADES' checklist statuses

If there are more flights scheduled during one day, they are available upon clicking on the located below the first flight of the day.

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