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Picking PAX from the contact list

It is now possible to select the PAX on the flights using the PICK FROM THE CONTACT LIST option.

This option allows to quickly select and add the PAX to multiple legs.

Click on the PICK FROM THE CONTACT LIST option to open the Select PAX pop-up window.

'Select PAX' window

The Select PAX window is divided into the following sections:

'Select PAX' pop-up window
  1. Legs - allows selecting the flights upon which the action will be taken. Only flights with PAX are listed. 'Ferry' and '0' PAX flights are omitted.
  2. Search passenger - an option to search for PAX. If the 'Requester' is selected, the 'Search passenger' option is looking for the PAX only assigned to this specific 'Requester'.
  3. Requester - automatically selected from the quote.
  4. Available passengers - list of PAX assigned to the Requester's company and containing the basic details (Name, DoB, Companies one is assigned to). If the Requester's company is not selected, the list is empty. In this case 'Search passenger' option needs to be used. Clicking on the + next to the PAX name will move the PAX to the Selected passengers section.
  5. Selected passengers - PAX selected in the 'Available passengers' section. Press - to remove the passenger from the list.
  6. Action buttons:
    • - option to cancel PAX selection procedure
    • - option to clear the list of selected PAX
    • - option to add PAX to selected flights:
      • if there are more PAX names selected than the PAX number, the number of PAX will increase accordingly, i.e. PAX number is 2 but 4 names selected and added - PAX number will increase to 4
      • adding further PAX to the list will not overwrite already added PAX, i.e. adding 2 new PAX to 2 already assigned PAX will increase the PAX number to 4
    • - option to replace already added PAX with the new ones

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