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Creating 'Option' through 'CONTRACT' button

'Create non-confirmed trip in OPS module' option

It will be possible to create an 'Option' trip type when sending a contract to the Client.

The first step is going to the 'Settings' > 'General settings' > 'Sales Module' tab and selecting the 'Create non-confirmed trip when contact is sent' checkbox.

This checkbox allows activating the 'Create non-confirmed trip in OPS module' checkbox in the 'Send document: Charter Agreement' pop-up window ('CONTRACT' status button in the RFQ).

Selecting the 'Create non-confirmed trip in OPS module' and sending the contract to the Client will create a non-confirmed trip (Option) in the OPS section without having to initially go through the 'OPTION' status button. This checkbox is the equivalent of the 'OPTION' status button in the RFQ.

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