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My aircraft schedule

A functionality: My aircraft schedule allows to include flights of the aircraft to which a crew member has been added as 'Preferred crew', despite the fact that he/she is not assigned to those flights.

In a panel FLEET, tab CREW, it is possible to add 'Preferred crew' to the aircraft.

A screenshot below shows an example of a crew Bartoli Aaron (BAR) added as 'Preferred crew' to the aircraft 'B-ARTI'.

Crew BAR has been assigned to 2 flights on the aircraft 'A-BCDE' (to which he is not added as 'Preferred crew'), and there are 4 flights on the aircraft 'B-ARTI' (to which he is added as 'Preferred crew') where he is not assigned as a pilot.

When crew BAR is logged in to Leon Crew App, in a panel 'My Schedule', he can see 2 flights he is assigned to, on the tail 'A-BCDE' (an option My aircraft schedule is switched off).

If in the Filter an option My aircraft schedule is switched on, crew BAR will also see all flights of the tail 'B-ARTI'.

Below the duties calendar, Leon shows flights divided into 2 sections: MY SCHEDULE and MY AIRCRAFT SCHEDULE.

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