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Before this improvement, assigning duty on the aircraft in 'Crew Calendar' was only possible to be done on one tail. Right now it is possible to be done on multiple tails.

First step is to define a duty on the aircraft, without selecting a particular tail.

Once it's done, select this duty and Leon will show the duty assignment window, where it will be possible to select more than 1 tail.

Click on the field Aircraft and Leon will show a list of tails. First there are tails to which crew has been added as Preferred crew (in the aircraft profile, tab Crew) and then all remaining tails for which crew has assigned ratings.

If there are flights added in OPS section within the select time period, Leon will show them on the right-hand side of the window and crew planner can assign a crew member to these flights.

If no flights have been added in OPS section, Leon will assign such a crew member automatically once they are added on 1 of the selected tails, on the same day as duty on the aircraft.

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