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Crew fatigue monitoring in Crew Timeline

LEON is able to monitor Crew fatigue in the Crew Timeline panel, with the help of Safte-Fast integration. Before, it was possible to check crew fatigue analysis for a single crew (by right-clicking with the mouse over his/her code) - now it is also possible to check it for all crew, in a selected period of time.

Once the integration with 'Safte-Fast' is enabled, in the top-right corner of the page an icon will show - click it, then click 'Run Safte-Fast analysis' link.

To show the level of Crew fatigue, Leon will highlight lines in either orange or red colour.

Orange colour of the line indicates:

Effectiveness ≤ 77

Reservoir ≤ 77

Percent below criterion › 10

Red colour of the line indicates:

Effectiveness ≤ 65

Reservoir ≤ 65

Percent below criterion › 20

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