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Aircraft documents on Subcharter

It is possible to upload the documents to the subcharter aircraft.

These could be the documents provided by the subcharter aircraft operator.

'Documents' tab in the Subcharter

In order to add the new documents, the following steps are required for each document:

  1. Click on the UPLOAD FILES button and select the file to be uploaded
  2. The fields to insert the document details will appear:
    • Name - the name of the document will be automatically populated from the uploaded file. It can be changed/overwritten. This is the only mandatory field
    • Issue date - possibility to insert the date of issue
    • Expiry date - possibility to insert the date of expiry. If the document has expired, the field will be highlighted
  3. Click o SAVE button at the bottom of the page to save uploaded details

Once the documents are uploaded, additional actions can be performed:

  • - this action button allows to preview the uploaded document
  • - this action button allows changing the previously uploaded document with the new one
  • - this action button allows removing the Aircraft document details as well as the file
Once the documents have been uploaded to the subcharter aircraft, they will be automatically available on any further subcharter flights performed on the same aircraft

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