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'One Way or Multi Leg' and 'Round Trip' options

It is possible to select one of the following options when creating a quote:

  • 'One Way or Multi Leg'
  • 'Round Trip'

'One Way or Multi Leg'

This method works in exactly the same way as the method of adding a new itinerary, prior to this update.

The 'Multi Leg' part is simply adding the following legs by using + in the itinerary in the 'Add new quote request' window.

'Round Trip'

'One Way or Multi Leg' and 'Round Trip' options in 'New Quote'

'Round Trip' is the new option that allows adding round trips easier.

The main characteristics of this option are:

  • the itinerary table always contains 2 rows
  • there is no possibility to remove or add any extra rows
  • ADEP and ADES of the second leg are always filled in based on the airports in the first leg
  • update of ADEP modifies ADES in the opposite flight, and vice-versa
  • PAX numbers and Cargo values are synchronised in both legs
  • once the request is added, any further modifications of the itinerary are excluded from the abovementioned mechanics

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