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'OPS & CREW' for Subcharters

If the Broker has bought a flight when using a functionality and the Operator using Leon accepted & booked the quote, then such Operator can decide whether to share with trip data (Handling, Permits, Slots & Crew) with the Boker, or not.

In the tab Leon will show 3 options, with regards to making trip data available to the Broker:

1 - Yes, only that quote - trip data will be shared for that particular trip only.

2 - Yes, that and all future broker quotes - trip data will be shared as well as all other operator trips.

3 - No - trip data will not be shared with the Broker.

If option 1 or 2 is selected, then the Broker can see mentioned trip data:

If option 3 is selected, the Broker will see information: Operator that sold that trip uses Leon but has not shared trip data with you. Please contact operator to share data with you.

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