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'Opportunity' type Reservation

Reservation type 'Opportunity'

It is also possible to create the 'Opportunity' type reservation.

This type of reservation can be used by sales teams to plan potential sales of the aircraft on a particular routing.

Once the 'Opportunity' type Reservation is selected, the option to insert ADES will appear which allows inserting the routing for a timeframe longer than 24h.

This type of reservation will be sent to Avinode as a potential availability of this aircraft on this selected routing.

IMPORTANT! Avinode can verify the empty leg availability of 5 days or less, therefore one reservation has to be booked for such period and not longer.

Once the reservation is added to Leon it will display as per below:

Upon exporting it to Avinode it will appear as an empty leg availability:

If a Client/Broker searches for an empty leg on the particular routing in Avinode, the empty leg from the operator will appear in the search.

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