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User National ID

It is now possible to select a 'National ID' as a Crew 'TRAVEL DOCUMENT' on a flight.

In order to select the 'National ID', it needs to be added to the User profile.

First step is editing CREW profile and clicking a button

Second step is adding details, as displayed on the screenshot:

  1. Country - select a country that issued an ID
  2. Type - select National ID type from the dropdown selection that includes 'ID card', 'Military card', 'Residence card', etc
  3. No. - insert National ID number
  4. Date of Issue
  5. Expiry date
  6. ID scan - click on the 'UPLOAD FILES' button in order to upload the scan of the document

Once the 'National ID' is added it can be selected on a flight in the 'CREW' tab > 'TRAVEL DOCUMENT' section.

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