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Inserting 'Flight Watch'

It is possible to insert the 'Flight Watch' in the 'Bookings' view, 'Schedule' part of the display.

In order to insert the 'Flight Watch' click with the right-click of the mouse on the trip tile and select 'EDIT FLIGHT WATCH (ADEP-ADES)' option:

'Flight Watch' window in 'Bookings'

Once selected, the 'Flight Watch' pop-up window will appear with the standard 'Flight Watch' fields, as per the screenshot on the right-hand side.

If the Flight Watch is inserted in the OPS section of Leon, the tile will indicate it by displaying the same 'Flight Watch' labels as in the OPS section.

Hovering the mouse over the label will display the Flight Watch details in the tooltip.

'Movement' email window

Additionally, it is possible to send the movement emails directly from the 'Flight Watch' pop-up window by clicking on SEND MVT button in the 'Flight Watch' window, as per screen on the roght-hand side.

If sending the movement messages is set to automatic in the 'Settings' > 'Email Templates' > 'MVT Messages' section, Leon will send the movement email upon saving the 'Flight Watch' (subject to the rules set up in the 'MVT Messages' settings).

Hovering the mouse over the label within the 'Flight Watch' pop-up window will display the source of the movement times:

It is only possible to insert the 'Flight Watch' on own fleet. The 'Flight Watch' option is not available on the subcharter flights.

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