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It is now possible to add visas to PAX & CREW passports. Details of visas can get displayed on documents, such as: Trip Sheet or GenDec.

Adding visas to PAX & CREW profiles works in the same way - they must be inserted to previously added passports. You can add multiple visas to one passport.

First step is editing PAX or CREW profile and clicking a button button new vias.png

Second step is adding details, as displayed on the screenshot:

  1. Passport - select a passport to which a new visa should be added.
  2. Country - select a country which concerns the visa.
  3. No. - insert visa's number.
  4. Date of issue - insert visa's date of issue.
  5. Expiry date - add visa's expiry date.

adding visas.png

Adding details of visas to OPS documents (Trip Sheet and Gendec), can be obtained from Documents Manager panel, by using items under visaList.

visas combo.png

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